Throughout my research background, I've had the opportunity to work alongside some incredible scientists and engineers.
While my journey thus far has crossed into many fields and disciplines, the focus throughout has been, and continues to be,
understanding and creating intelligent and complex adaptive systems.

Assistant Professor, University of Vermont

Research Lab: UVM Neurobotics Lab (Director)
Affiliations: Computer Science, Complex Systems, Social-Ecological Gaming and Simulation Lab, Gund Institute for Environment

Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming

Research Lab: Evolving AI Lab
Advisor: Jeff Clune (Computer Science)

Visiting Researcher, Santa Fe Institute

Advisor: Ken Stanley (Computer Science)

Space Technology Research Fellow, NASA Ames

Research Lab: Intelligent Robotics Group
Advisors: Vytas SunSpiral & Greg Hornby (Intelligent Systems Division)

Research Assistant, Columbia University

Research Lab: Creative Machines Lab
Advisor: Hod Lipson (Mechanical Engineering)

PhD, Computational Biology and Biological Statistics, Cornell University

Research Lab: Creative Machines Lab
Advisors: Steve Strogatz (Mathematics) & Hod Lipson (Mechanical Engineering)
Minors: Behavioral and Evolutionary Neuroscience (Advisor: Barb Finlay (Psychology)),
Perception, Cognition, and Development (Advisor: Michael Goldstein (Psychology))

B.S., Mathematics, University of Vermont

Research Lab: Morphology, Evolution & Cognition Lab
Advisor: Josh Bongard (Computer Science)
Minors & Concentrations: Computer Science, Complex Systems, Business, Economics