Nick Cheney

Hi, I'm Nick Cheney!

NEW: This fall I will be joining the faculty at the University of Vermont as a Research Assistant Professor.

I will be a member of the Computer Science Department, a core member of the Vermont Complex Systems Center,
a Co-Director of the Social-Ecological Gaming and Simulation Lab, and starting up my own research lab as well.
There are currently fully-funded positions in my lab for graduate student and postdoc researchers.
If you are interested in joining us, or know someone who is, please contact me!

I'm a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Computer Sciencine Department at the University of Wyoming.

I perform and advise research at the interface of evolutionary design and deep reinforcement learning for simulated and physical robotic automation tasks in the Evolving Artificial Intelligence Lab.
I'm generally interested in complex adaptive systems, specifically in the emergent developmental structure of the brain (neurogenesis/learning) and the body (morphogenesis/pattern formation)
I also teach courses on artificial intelligence and robot design, consult and speak on topics in machine learning and automation, and direct and manage the University of Wyoming Robot Learning Center.

I hold a PhD in Computational Biology from Cornell University, advised by Hod Lipson & Steve Strogatz.

During my graduate studies, I had the great fortune of being:
a NASA Space Technology Research Fellow at NASA Ames, advised by Vytas SunSpiral,
an affiliated researcher with the Creative Machines Lab at Columbia University,
a visiting researcher at the Santa Fe Institute, hosted by Ken Stanley, and
a visiting fellow at the Vermont Complex Systems Center, advised by Josh Bongard.
Prior to that, I earned a B.S. magna cum laude in Applied Mathematics from the University of Vermont.

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